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  • 106 White Sketching and Tracing Rolls, Out of Stock
    • Popular with architects, designers and engineers,
    •  light-weight 8 lb. white sketching and tracing paper
    • excellent for developmental sketches, preliminary detail renderings and quick roughs.
    •  works well with pencil, inks and markers.
  • Out of Stock

    Ideal for a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, paper and modeling materials, All-Purpose Gloss varnish provides permanent non-removable protection to artwork. Its permanence makes this varnish particularly suited for use in general arts and crafts. It is not recommended for fine art purposes. When working with crafts, spray-on varnish helps seal and protect unusual surfaces and materials from dirt, grease and moisture. It is available in a 14 oz. can.

  • Out of Stock

    When working with a variety of surfaces in general arts and crafts, All-Purpose Matte Varnish can be used as a permanent non-removable finish. The spray format of this varnish allows for quick and convenient use, especially with surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, paper and modeling materials. It is non-removable, making it inappropriate for fine arts, but ideal for general arts and crafts.

  • KSh600

    This artist-quality velvety, smooth pure vine charcoal is ideal for sketching smokey grays and blacks for soft charcoal drawings and layouts. Approximate diameter of the thin stick is 3 to 4mm, the medium stick is 5 to 6mm and the thick stick is 7 to 9mm. The willow charcoal sticks tube contains one thick, two medium and two thin 5-1/2″ sticks

  • KSh40

    The Artway ENVIRO ‘Flat White’ range of eco friendly, fully recycled cartridge paper – consisting of 50% recycled coffee cups – now has a heavier, more textured bigger brother. Instead of the standard 170gsm Flat White paper, the Multi-Arte heavyweight 170gsm paper now comes ream wrapped in a pack of […]

  • KSh140

    These large (63mm) quality chromed steel bulldog clips are perfect for a wide variety of applications and uses around the home, office, on site or at school. Organising and managing the display of all types of media wherever you operate: photos, notes, recipes, papers, reminders etc. Great quality steel clips […]

  • Black Box Drawing Set, 20 Pieces Out of Stock

    Charcoal products provide unlimited inspiration for sketches, outline work or finished drawing. This drawing set contains twenty of the most important drawing tools and accessories to aid the artist, all nestled safely in a tin box. Included are five compressed charcoal sticks, four natural charcoal sticks, three N gro pencils, three black chalk pencils, two Monolith Graphite pencils, a sketching coal, a blending stomp and a kneaded eraser.

  • KSh330

    Derwent s Blender & Burnisher are versatile tools for subtle or intense color pencil effects. The burnisher is a hard, colorless pencil used to create a polished finish on top of existing layers of color. The blender is a soft, colorless pencil used to mix and blend colors together to create rich and vivid tones. They may be used individually or together. The Blender & Burnisher Tub includes 36 of each style and the Blender & Burnisher Set includes two of each style plus a sharpener and an eraser.

  • KSh450KSh530

    A quality bristol for use when the longevity of cotton fibers is not required. Acid-free, 22″ x 30″ sheets available in three thicknesses and two surfaces. Smooth surface is suited for pen or pencil, and regular surface is ideal for a broad range of media.

  • C A Grain Drawing Paper Sheets Out of Stock

    Fine-medium tooth paper with very good erasability. Smudge-resistant. Two-sided for broad and fine point media. Neutral surface tone. In 19-1/2″ x 25-1/2″ sheets.

  • Canson Edition Papers Out of Stock
    • Made of 100% cotton,
    • archival sheets
    • dual-sided with both smooth and medium toothed surfaces, and have deckled edges.
    •  can be used for printmaking, drawing or multi-media.
    • Sheet weight: 250g
  • Canson Student Drawing Sheet, Out of Stock

    Economical paper with fine tooth and good erasability. For charcoal, pastel, pencil or pen. In a 18″x 24″ sheet.