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  • Acrylic Brush Set
    • 10 brushes included (1 x Angle Shader 1/4, 1 x Fan 2/0, 1 x Flat Shader 12, 1 x Flat Wash 3/4, 1 x Flat 1″, 1 x Round 6, 1 x Flat Shader 6, 1 x Filbert 4, 1 x Liner 1, 1 x Round 1 )
    • Perfect intro set
    • Great for travel
    • Short handled ergonomic brushes
    • Ideal for painting with Acrylic or Gouache paint

    Handy Hints

    • Do not allow the paint to harden on the brush
    • Rinse out colour thoroughly in warm water and re-shape when finished
  • Thinner
    • Low odour solvent
    • Non-hazardous and water-based
    • Ideal for cleaning oil paint brushes
    • Ideal for people who are sensitive to solvents or work in a shared space
    • Can be used to thin oil paints (exceeding 30% may affect drying time)
    • Low viscosity
    • Rinse with water
  • KSh240KSh380

    Student-grade 140 lb. watercolor paper with uniform whiteness, good texture and good formation

  • KSh900
    • 1 x Size 6 Synthetic Nylon Flat Tip Brush
    • 1 x Size 8 Synthetic Nylon Chisel Tip Brush
    • 1 x Size 10 Chungking Hog Hair Round Tip Brush
    • 1 x Size 8 Chungking Hog Hair Fan Tip Brush
  • KSh600

    Synthetic Paint  brush sets available. Synthetic filbert Synthetic flat Synthetic round

  • KSh1,230

    BASICS Mediums are developed for students and artists that need dependable quality at an economical price. They are mixed with acrylic paint to adjust how the paint works, feels and looks. They can be used to add texture, adjust paint flow, and alter the working properties of the color.

  • BASICS Varnishes
    • 250 ml (8.79 fl. oz.)
    • Gloss finish
    • Clear and non-yellowing
    • ACMI Certified
    • Conforms to ASTM D4236
    • Safe for educational use
  • KSh1,330
    • Bristlette is ideal for acrylics.
    •  Bristlette brushes are resilient and durable.
    • They respond to vigorous painting, are excellent for massing color, and, in the smaller sizes, give the artist great control.
    • They also work well with oil colors, saving wear and tear on the more fragile sable brushes.
  • KSh1,100

    A visual guide to color mixing that illustrates color relationships through a series of windows and color tones on a moveable wheel. This wheel provides the user with information such as harmony within color relationships, complementary colors, variation of tones and the triadic approach to colors. The front of the wheel shows the result of mixing primary the primary, secondary and tertiary colors with the primaries plus black and white. The back of the wheel shows color relationships, tints, tones and shades. The wheel includes a gray scale and definitions of common terms. The wheel is 9-1/4″ in diameter.

  • KSh280KSh650


    • high viscosity
    • gloss finish
    • strong colour intensity
    • excellent light-fastness
    • premium quality pigment
  • KSh1,475

    A fast-drying oil of darker color than refined linseed oil. In 75ml bottles.

  • KSh1,565KSh2,840

    Watercolor Pads feature 140 lb. (300 gsm) cold-press acid-free textured watercolor paper in bright white that works for all wet techniques as well as lifting and scrubbing for students and professionals. Use with watercolor, gouache, acrylic, acrylic ink, pen and ink, pencil and colored pencil. This 100% virgin wood pulp paper is made using Hydro-Power and is FSC Certified. Made in Italy. Available in spiral-bound (with micro-perforations) and glue-bound (fold over).

    Spiral-Bound, 9″ x 12″ – 140 lb. (300 gsm), 30 Shts./Pad