Colored Pencils

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  • KSh270
    • VIBRANT COLOUR – With a round 4mm soft core, the pencils smoothly glide over a variety of drawing surfaces. Produce vibrant colours with the quick and easy application. Includes range of 24 colours.
    • SOFT TEXTURE – The velvety soft core helps emphasize the richness of each colour. Ideal for building up colour quickly, you can easily create dynamic and bold drawings.
    • DURABLE CORE – Break resistant core lets you sharpen pencils to a fine point and is great for a range of drawings and colouring styles. Gain greater precision on detailed drawings with a sharp tip.
    • COLOUR BLENDING – Due to their enhanced formulation, these pencils are highly blendable. Create a range of subtly different shades by blending colours together. Perfect for still-life drawings.
    • ACCESSORIES – For best results, combine with other Derwent products, such as Derwent Blender and Burnisher and Derwent Battery Operated Eraser.
  • Pelikan colored pencils
    • Hexagonal, wooden pencils with a surface coat of varnish in the color of the lead.
    • Standard – lead thickness 3,0 mm
    • Soft color appliance
    • Intensive color dispense
    • FSC certified
    • Available in 12 colour full size, 24 colors half size, 24 colors full size & 36 color full size
  • Polychromos Artist Colored Pencils Out of Stock
    • High-quality acid-free pigments in bright colours, unsurpassed lightfastness
    • Soft, vibrant colour laydown
    • Water-resistant and smudge-proof
    • Thick 3.8 mm lead
    • High break resistance due to secural bonding process (SV)
    • Colour 199 black
  • KSh270

    These premium colored pencils have soft, thick leads, unmatched in brilliance, point strength and blending quality. They offer smooth, veratile coverage that can be vivid and intense in one stroke and subtle and soft in the next. The thick cores are made of permanent pigments in wax binder that resist fading, and due to a special bonding process, they also resist crumbling. The round cedar wood case is finished to match lead color.