Charcoal Pencil

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  • Generals Charcoal PencilGenerals Charcoal Pencil
    • available in  4 degrees: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
    • Made of refined, compressed willow charcoal blended with organic blacks.
    • Oil free and blendable
    • Ideal for drawing class, painting, sketching, still life and portraits
    • Additional uses: applying patterns on canvas and transfer a design or to draw directly onto fabric.
  • Pierre Noire Drawing Pencils
    • These pencils are suited to both drawing and sketching.
    • With a sharpened lead, the drawing is lively and accurate; with a half-worn lead, the work is more spontaneous and free.
    • Available in different degrees of hardness ranging from H to 3B.
    • Length 176.5mm / Diameter 8.5mm / Lead diameter 5mm.
  • KSh270

    These handcrafted white charcoal pencils are specifically designed for drawing on dark or colored papers, offering extra smoothness for effortless application and striking outcomes. Encased in incense cedar, they are versatile tools that can be used to add white areas, adjust values, or create highlights in sketching or drawing projects. Additionally, when used with a wet brush, they can produce a distinctive wash effect.

  • Charcoal PencilCharcoal Pencil
    • Available in HB, B and 3B
    • combines the rich blackness of a charcoal pencil with the smooth control of a graphite pencil.
    • Less abrasive than charcoal pencils
    • Create intense lines and rich, dark tones, allowing unlimited freedom of expression.
  • KSh400
    • Ideal for use on dark tinted paper
    • Suitable for adding highlights to charcoal sketches
    • Smooth application
    • 8mm barrel
    • Wooden barrel for clean and easy use