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New Products

  • KSh230

    These handcrafted white charcoal pencils are encased in cedar, and are extra smooth for easy laydown. They re popular for use on dark papers and fabrics or to bring out highlights over black charcoal drawings. Try them with a wet brush for a unique wash effect. The set comes with two pencils and an artists sharpener designed for charcoal and pastel pencils.

  • KSh850

    The Jakar Compressed Charcoal Greys Set has 12 round sticks of compressed charcoal in a useful and stylish set. All the charcoal sticks are compressed black charcoal, non-toxic and come with a handy storage packet to keep colours separate and protect the 12 grey sticks of charcoal.

  • KSh800

    【Quality Material】 Electric Erasers (requires 2 AAA batteries, Not included), made from high quality plastic, durable and very convenient. This compact electric eraser can erase small areas on artwork quickly and precisely, ideal for professional and amateur artists of all ages as well as students. 【Cordless, Compact & Lightweight】 Compact […]

  • Cartoonist Ink 60
    • It is optimum ink for line drawing and solid painting of manga and illustrations, which is clogged with skills of inkmakers. You can choose best one according to your preference.
    • 85g
    • Kuretake Co., Ltd. is a Japanese stationery manufacturer.
    • Japan Import
  • Comic Strip Boards

    Acid-free, 150 lb. heavy-weight paper, ideal for drawing comic strips like a pro. Sheets are extra white for color contrast and have pre-printed non-repro blue lines to assist with art layout. The paper has a smooth texture that is ideal for scanning, is extremely resistant to scraping and holds up well with abrasive erasing. Sheets are industry-standard sized 5″ x 17″. Instructions on how to draw comics are also included.

  • Pierre Noire Drawing Pencils
    • These pencils are suited to both drawing and sketching.
    • With a sharpened lead, the drawing is lively and accurate; with a half-worn lead, the work is more spontaneous and free.
    • Available in different degrees of hardness ranging from H to 3B.
    • Length 176.5mm / Diameter 8.5mm / Lead diameter 5mm.

Featured Products

  • KSh300

    Fimo Soft is a pre-softened, polymer modeling material that is easy to knead, making it ready to work with quickly. Colors can be mixed with each other or with Fimo Classic modeling material. Fimo Soft remains pliable until baked, when it hardens to a durable shape. It’s available in 2 oz. blocks in a variety of colors including fluorescents, metallics, translucents and simulated stones. For ages 8 and up.

  • KSh255

    Ideal for sketching, drawing and creating layout sketches for paintings, this velvety, black willow charcoal blends and erases for dramatic shading.

  • KSh190

    These latex-free erasers are soft, smooth and easy to hold. The unique oval shape is appealing for art and craft projects, kids projects and around the office. They are ideal for use with charcoal, graphite and pastel drawing.

  • Thinner
    • Low odour solvent
    • Non-hazardous and water-based
    • Ideal for cleaning oil paint brushes
    • Ideal for people who are sensitive to solvents or work in a shared space
    • Can be used to thin oil paints (exceeding 30% may affect drying time)
    • Low viscosity
    • Rinse with water
  • KSh470KSh2,460

    Das Smart is a new polymer, oven-hardening clay. Easy to manipulate, with a compact and versatile structure, it is ideal for precision modeling. Due to its excellent plasticity, it remains unvaried and compact before and after baking. All colors can be molded and combined. Das Smart is easy to bake […]

  • KSh485

    This non-toxic medium will add luminescence to most surfaces when charged with light. It may be used alone or mixed with lighter acrylic colors. Ideal for Halloween crafts, adding stars to the walls of kids’ rooms and decorative painting highlights. It can be used on wood, papier mache, walls, glass, ceramics, candles, Styrofoam, poster board and fabric. When using on fabrics, add DecoArt Fabric Painting Medium. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

  • Charcoal and pastel Blenders
    • includes 4 paper stumps and 3 paper tortillion
    • paper stumps have double ended points and are larger than the tortillions.
    • tortillions are used for blending charcoal and pastels. They are smaller and thinner than the stumps and are ideal for shading in small areas or even adding fine details.


    • Mont Marte Charcoal Products
    • Mont Marte Pastel Products
    • Mont Marte Graphite Products


    • to resharpen or clean the Tortillion carefully unwrap and tear off the paper at the pointed end.
    • fine sandpaper can be used to gently clean or resharpen the paper stump.
  • KSh40

    The Artway ENVIRO ‘Flat White’ range of eco friendly, fully recycled cartridge paper – consisting of 50% recycled coffee cups – now has a heavier, more textured bigger brother. Instead of the standard 170gsm Flat White paper, the Multi-Arte heavyweight 170gsm paper now comes ream wrapped in a pack of […]

  • KSh130

    The consistent and even surface of ivory board  reproduce images with their most subtle nuances. These exclusive graphical papers and boards convey a natural charm and are available from BRISTLES in different colors and embossing patterns. ADVANTAGES excellent surface ageing-resistant high color constancy rigid strong and durable paper homogenous paper […]

  • KSh1,100

    A visual guide to color mixing that illustrates color relationships through a series of windows and color tones on a moveable wheel. This wheel provides the user with information such as harmony within color relationships, complementary colors, variation of tones and the triadic approach to colors. The front of the wheel shows the result of mixing primary the primary, secondary and tertiary colors with the primaries plus black and white. The back of the wheel shows color relationships, tints, tones and shades. The wheel includes a gray scale and definitions of common terms. The wheel is 9-1/4″ in diameter.

  • KSh200KSh250
    • Premium quality drawing pencil with unbelievably break-resistant lead!
    • Particularly suitable for writing, drawing, sketching and hatching, as well as for professional graphic and artistic applications on paper and matte drawing film
    • The super-bonded lead wears evenly and is easy to erase and sharpen
    • First-class materials and manufacturing processes guarantee outstanding and unbeatable product quality


  • Mars Lumograph Black Drawing PencilsMars Lumograph Black Drawing Pencils
    • break-resistant leads
    • high proportion of carbon for matte
    • jet black results
    • combine the advantages of graphite and charcoal pencils
    • housed in wood from certified, sustainably managed forests.
    • Made in Germany.

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