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  • KSh140

    These large (63mm) quality chromed steel bulldog clips are perfect for a wide variety of applications and uses around the home, office, on site or at school. Organising and managing the display of all types of media wherever you operate: photos, notes, recipes, papers, reminders etc. Great quality steel clips […]

  • KSh330

    Derwent s Blender & Burnisher are versatile tools for subtle or intense color pencil effects. The burnisher is a hard, colorless pencil used to create a polished finish on top of existing layers of color. The blender is a soft, colorless pencil used to mix and blend colors together to create rich and vivid tones. They may be used individually or together. The Blender & Burnisher Tub includes 36 of each style and the Blender & Burnisher Set includes two of each style plus a sharpener and an eraser.

  • KSh650KSh1,500
    • used efficiently for storing sheets, artwork, drawings, posters maps
    • holds rolled sheets and protects sheets from dirt, marks, folds and tears as well as from the weather conditions
    • come in various sizes
  • KSh190

    These latex-free erasers are soft, smooth and easy to hold. The unique oval shape is appealing for art and craft projects, kids projects and around the office. They are ideal for use with charcoal, graphite and pastel drawing.

  • KSh600

    Sets of 5.6mm leads for use with the Art Alternatives Clutch Pencil or other 5.6mm lead holders. The Graphite Set contains four graphite leads two of grade 2B and one each of grades 4B and 6B. The Sketching Set contains five leads in traditional sketching colors: black, bistre, sepia, sanguine and white. Both sets conform to ASTM D-4236.

  • KSh1,850

    A matte finish coating, specially formulated for use with pastel, charcoal and pencil. Acid-free and perfect for drawings, sketches and layouts. In 11 oz. cans.

  • KSh750

    Pentel fine line mechanical pencil with rubber grip for detailed drawings. Available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm & 0.9mm lead sizes. Pentel fine line mechanical pencil with rubber grip for detailed drawings. Available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm & 0.9mm lead sizes.

  • Prismacolor Pencil Colorless Blender
    • Made in US
    • Blend colored pencil artwork to soften hard edges, layer and more
    • Pigment-free wax-based cores won’t alter your color palette
    • Colors remain bright and brilliant
    • Water-resistant formula can be used with watercolor pencils
  • KSh140

    One of the strongest and highest quality series of leads on the market. Formulated under an exclusive process to improve strength yet retain blackness and smoothness. These leads require only light pressure to create dark, clean lines. Super Hi-Polymer formula reduces the risk of lead breakage and consequently saves lead. Packaged in plastic tubes. Twelve leads per tube except where noted.

  • KSh800

    【Quality Material】 Electric Erasers (requires 2 AAA batteries, Not included), made from high quality plastic, durable and very convenient. This compact electric eraser can erase small areas on artwork quickly and precisely, ideal for professional and amateur artists of all ages as well as students. 【Cordless, Compact & Lightweight】 Compact […]