Conte Colored Drawing Pencils, Black


  • well suited to portrait and landscape drawing
  • extremely rich colors
  • added abrasive for easier stumping
  • may be sharpened with a razor blade or knife.

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Particularly well suited to portrait and landscape drawing, these pencils have extremely rich colors with an added abrasive for easier stumping. They may be sharpened with a razor blade or knife.

Conte A Paris Sketching Pencils provide rich hues with line and shade possibilities to cover all sketching requirements.

  • Pierre Noire Pencil: a soft lead with a black that is dense, deep, indelible and matt. It can be used on sketch pads, craft paper and linen canvases.
  • Graphite Pencil: particularly smooth and glides over your surface.
  • Carbon Pencil: much stronger than traditional charcoal, this lead does not crumble or leave your hands dirty. Its delicate and highly detailed finish enables all types of perspectives to be drawn accurately.
  • Charcoal Pencil: this gives the clean, dense finish of an intense black. Its special characteristic is that it does not break, making it easy to transport. It also blends perfectly with iron red and Sepia Pencils.
  • Sepia Pencil: this gives a colour reminiscent of burnt umber. It shades easily and when sharp gives an accurate and delicate finish. With a half-worn lead, the finish becomes more opaque as the pressure exerted on the pencil increases.
  • Sanguine Pencil: The colour of the Conté à Paris “Sanguine” pencil is a deep “rust” and its lines are easily blended.
  • White Pencil: best used with a sharp lead, this pencil gives a clear line with a transparent colour.
  • Graphite Lead: a hybrid tool, this is a solid graphite lead in the form of a pencil.
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The history of Conté à Paris products cannot be separated from the personality of the company’s founder, Nicolas Jacques Conté. Born in 1755, Nicolas claimed the title of painter, chemist, physicist, hot air baloonist and inventor during the fifty years of his life. His historical achievement is undeniable. In 1794, he developed the modern graphite lead from a mixture of clay and graphite, thus making it finally possible to create different hardness grades for pencils. The pencil factory he set up in 1795, enabled France to produce its own calligraphy and drawing materials. A few years later, he developed “pencils without sleeves” (bare leads) replacing those made from “Italian stone”. He worked on making the colours “fixed and unchangeable” to meet the requirements of the painters of the day. Artists’ pencils and pastels were born. Over the decades, the quality and depth of its ranges have enabled Conté à Paris to establish itself as a true reference for artists worldwide. Used by top masters, amateur artists and art students alike, Conté à Paris offers the widest variety of techniques and effects possible for drawing, sketching and pastel work.


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Conte Colored Drawing Pencils

Conte Colored Drawing Pencils, Black


48 in stock