Artway Premium Mixed Short Handle Artist Paintbrush Set

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Artway mixed paint brush set of 8 short handle brushes, includes a range of tip styles, shapes and bristle material. The variety of paintbrushes in this set makes it an ideal starting point for beginner artists, or for those looking to experiment.

The synthetic paint brushes feature dense and flexible bristles, and are durable and long-lasting, great for water-based mediums such as watercolour or gouache. Natural hog hair brushes have thick, stiff fibres that allow you to hold a large amount of paint – perfect for large areas of colour mixing and gradients – hog bristle brushes are typically used for thicker paint types, such as oil paints or gesso. This set also includes two natural hair paint brushes, which are normally softer and finer, make them ideally suited to delicate detail work.

Each short handled brush in the set is finished in a beautiful, matte dark red or navy blue colour, and the brush set itself is card-mounted in a plastic wallet. Depending on which one you use, clean your paintbrushes with water (for acrylics, gouache and watercolour) or if using oil paint or gesso, or thicker mediums, you should preferably use solvent to clean your brushes.

We’d love to see what you create with this array of paint brushes at your disposal, so please do share your paintings with us here:        

  • Artway artist paint brush set of 8 mixed paintbrushes – all short handled paint brushes
  • Great value and handy 8-pack of common paint brush styles, bristle material and sizes
  • Included in this set: Tinted nylon round, size 0 + size 6 / Nylon flat, size 6 / White nylon round, size 8 / White nylon 1/2″ flat / Hog filbert, size 6 / Natural hair round, size 2 / Sable round, size 4
  • Versatile paint brushes, suitable for a variety of paint types – from water based mediums such as watercolour, gouache and acrylic to oil paints and gesso – short handled brushes are particularly suited to detail work
  • Each paint brush is finished in a beautiful matte, dark red or navy blue hue




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Artway Premium Mixed Short Handle Artist Paintbrush Set


Out of stock