Artway 2″ Flat Paint Brush – Long Handle – Hog Hair

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Perfect for any painting using thicker mediums, such as oil paint, the strong, thick bristles of a Hog Hair paint brush can hold and distribute thick paint colours much more effectively than a softer grade hair such as sable, which is typically used for watercolours.

The 2 inch width of this brush enables you to hold a large amount of paint – perfect for large, expressive strokes and even some degree of finer line, if used edge on. The long handle, finished in a beautiful dark brown hue, allows paint to be applied in broad strokes from a distance, perfect for less detailed areas of your painting.

As Hog brushes are typically used with oil paint or gesso, or thicker mediums, you should preferably use solvent to clean your brushes, as opposed to water.

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  • Single brush
  • Wide, 2 inch flat brush for holding large amounts of paint
  • Long handle in dark brown finish, perfect for painting at a distance
  • Stiff, thick bristles, suited for thicker mediums – oil paint primarily
  • Clean with solvent for a long lasting brush




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Artway 2" Flat Paint Brush - Long Handle - Hog Hair


Out of stock