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  • Acrylic Finishers Angelus Out of Stock

    Apply Acrylic Finisher to help protect the paint from minor scratches or scrapes. Available in a variety of finishes from matte to high gloss in both 1 oz. and 4 oz. bottles. Excellent for both hand-crafted work and high speed production. Just apply with a sponge, rag, wool, spray gun or brush and let dry. No buffing needed. This water-based product cleans up with soap and water. It is water-resistant and will not rub off, crack, peel or streak. Great when used over different finishes where a uniform finish is desired. Flexible enough for belts, shoes, handbags, saddlery, tack and upholstery.

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    Large Off-set Blade Style (F)

    Small Off-set Blade Style (E)

    Flat Blade Spatula Style (C)

    Large Trowel Spatula Style (B)

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    Recommended for adding depth and luster to paintings, Gloss Picture Varnish is compatible with oils, alkyds and acrylics and protects without discoloring, even over time. It is available in a 14 oz. aerosol spray format that makes it easy to apply even coats of varnish.

  • BASICS Varnishes
    • 250 ml (8.79 fl. oz.)
    • Gloss finish
    • Clear and non-yellowing
    • ACMI Certified
    • Conforms to ASTM D4236
    • Safe for educational use
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    Groundbreaking technology allows artists to clean and preserve favorite brushes that are caked and clogged with dried acrylic or oil colors. You can use this unique brush cleaner and restorer to remove all traces of paint from both natural and synthetic brushes, leaving brush heads clean and conditioned, with no oily residue. Certified both AP non-toxic and biodegradable, this brush cleaner and restorer is completely safe for artists as well as for the environment. It is non-flammable, does not irritate skin or eyes, does not emit harmful vapors and is not an inhalation hazard.

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    A visual guide to color mixing that illustrates color relationships through a series of windows and color tones on a moveable wheel. This wheel provides the user with information such as harmony within color relationships, complementary colors, variation of tones and the triadic approach to colors. The front of the wheel shows the result of mixing primary the primary, secondary and tertiary colors with the primaries plus black and white. The back of the wheel shows color relationships, tints, tones and shades. The wheel includes a gray scale and definitions of common terms. The wheel is 9-1/4″ in diameter.

  • Easeleasel Out of Stock
    • Holds canvas to max 90cm (35.4in) ht
    • Easel Height -185cm (72.8in) fully extended
    • Adjustable telescopic tripod legs
    • Folds for storage
  • KSh150

    The Plastic 10-Well Paint Tray features a large well in the center with 10 circular wells around it for holding and mixing colors. Durable and easy to clean, this heavy-duty plastic palette also has brush rests along the outer edge.

  • KSh2,450KSh3,070

    These cradled wood panels are great for painting, especially thick, heavy applications and palette knife work, as well as encaustic, mixed media and craft use as a shadow box, frame or tray. The 4mm hand-sanded birch wood surface is smooth for detailed work and mounting, while the sturdy pine cradle adds support and allows for hanging without a frame. Available in two profile depths: Studio panels have a 3/4″ deep profile a