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    To preserve works for the long term, or momentarily to prevent smudges while working, this colorless medium can be applied to works of charcoal, pastel, pencil and chalk immediately. While the fixative is durable and protects the surface of drawings, it can also be applied while working, as a medium. Fixatives also enable the top of the surface to be continually worked by the artist. This transparent fixative will not affect the color of pastel, although it may darken the color tone, yet at the same time it improves the adhesion of particles to the surface and lightfastness. It is available in a convenient 14 oz. aerosol spray that makes applying thin coats of protective layers to the surface of drawings precise and quick.
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    This spray fixatif offers invisible protection of artwork without dissolving pastel whites and light colors. Provides final and workable protection. It contains UV light absorbers and stabilizers. Safeguards pastel, charcoal, pencil and chalk from dusting, smudging and fading. Previously named Pastel Fixatif.

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    • Pastel, pencil and charcoal fixative; Available in a 200/400 ml aerosol spray
    • Acrylic based, non-yellowing varnish
    • Doesn’t change the hue or appearance of the sketch after fixing
    • Suitable for dry techniques
    • Fixes pastel, pencil and charcoal onto paper
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    A matte finish coating, specially formulated for use with pastel, charcoal and pencil. Acid-free and perfect for drawings, sketches and layouts. In 11 oz. cans.