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  • KSh600

    This artist-quality velvety, smooth pure vine charcoal is ideal for sketching smokey grays and blacks for soft charcoal drawings and layouts. Approximate diameter of the thin stick is 3 to 4mm, the medium stick is 5 to 6mm and the thick stick is 7 to 9mm. The willow charcoal sticks tube contains one thick, two medium and two thin 5-1/2″ sticks

  • Artistico Traditional White Paper Rolls

    Fabriano Artistico is ideal for watercolor, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal, graphite and drawing; it is also suitable for printmaking. The paper is sized both internally and externally, making it both absorbent and resilient. Traditional white is made without optical brightners.

  • KSh40

    The Artway ENVIRO ‘Flat White’ range of eco friendly, fully recycled cartridge paper – consisting of 50% recycled coffee cups – now has a heavier, more textured bigger brother. Instead of the standard 170gsm Flat White paper, the Multi-Arte heavyweight 170gsm paper now comes ream wrapped in a pack of […]

  • Charcoal and pastel Blenders
    • includes 4 paper stumps and 3 paper tortillion
    • paper stumps have double ended points and are larger than the tortillions.
    • tortillions are used for blending charcoal and pastels. They are smaller and thinner than the stumps and are ideal for shading in small areas or even adding fine details.


    • Mont Marte Charcoal Products
    • Mont Marte Pastel Products
    • Mont Marte Graphite Products


    • to resharpen or clean the Tortillion carefully unwrap and tear off the paper at the pointed end.
    • fine sandpaper can be used to gently clean or resharpen the paper stump.
  • KSh270
    • VIBRANT COLOUR – With a round 4mm soft core, the pencils smoothly glide over a variety of drawing surfaces. Produce vibrant colours with the quick and easy application. Includes range of 24 colours.
    • SOFT TEXTURE – The velvety soft core helps emphasize the richness of each colour. Ideal for building up colour quickly, you can easily create dynamic and bold drawings.
    • DURABLE CORE – Break resistant core lets you sharpen pencils to a fine point and is great for a range of drawings and colouring styles. Gain greater precision on detailed drawings with a sharp tip.
    • COLOUR BLENDING – Due to their enhanced formulation, these pencils are highly blendable. Create a range of subtly different shades by blending colours together. Perfect for still-life drawings.
    • ACCESSORIES – For best results, combine with other Derwent products, such as Derwent Blender and Burnisher and Derwent Battery Operated Eraser.
  • KSh460

    These extra-smooth compressed charcoal sticks are versatile tools for artists of all levels. Each stick can be used as is or sharpened with a sharpener or a sandpaper block to achieve many different points and angles.

    The 2-Stick Sets include two sticks of one degree of hardness each. The 4-Stick sets contain two soft, one medium and one hard stick. The 12-Stick Assorted set includes four each of 2B (Hard), 4B (Medium) and 6B (Soft) compressed charcoal sticks in a handy reusable sleeve that s great for storage and travel. Made in the USA

  • KSh130
    • versatile tools for artists of all
    • can be used as is or sharpened with a sharpener or a sandpaper paddle to achieve many different points and angles.
  • Faber Castell Colour Pencils Triangular 24s
    • Permanent colour pencils in triangular shape
    • Triangular shape gives better control and comfort
    • Special bonding (SV) to prevent breakage
    • 24 long
  • KSh190

    These latex-free erasers are soft, smooth and easy to hold. The unique oval shape is appealing for art and craft projects, kids projects and around the office. They are ideal for use with charcoal, graphite and pastel drawing.

  • KSh230

    These handcrafted white charcoal pencils are encased in cedar, and are extra smooth for easy laydown. They re popular for use on dark papers and fabrics or to bring out highlights over black charcoal drawings. Try them with a wet brush for a unique wash effect. The set comes with two pencils and an artists sharpener designed for charcoal and pastel pencils.

  • KSh650

    These extra large compressed charcoal sticks are rich, smooth and very black. Set GP966ABP features three 6B sticks, and GB960A-BP includes one each of 2B, 4B and 6B sticks.

  • KSh255

    Ideal for sketching, drawing and creating layout sketches for paintings, this velvety, black willow charcoal blends and erases for dramatic shading.