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    Glazing mediums increase the flow, degree of gloss and transparency of the glazing layers in acrylic paint. Mix with transparent colors for optimal glazing effect. Out of the bottle it is milky white, but once dry it is colorless and transparent.

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    Non-yellowing, polyurethane, varnishes that form a tough, flexible, clear finish. They dry quickly and can be used on most hard craft surfaces, both interior and exterior. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

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    Low odour artists solvent for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes.

    Mineral spirit thinner for oil colors, mediums and varnishes. Suitable for all alkyd resins and dammar varnish.

    Excellent for cleaning brushes and tools. Especially recommended for odour-sensitive users.

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    BASICS Mediums are developed for students and artists that need dependable quality at an economical price. They are mixed with acrylic paint to adjust how the paint works, feels and looks. They can be used to add texture, adjust paint flow, and alter the working properties of the color.

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    This remixed, all-in-one blending and glazing medium allows you to blend oil and alkyd colors without making them too transparent or too fluid to cover well. When used in glazing, it does not become tacky quickly, allowing highlights and shadows to be built up slowly. In 75ml. bottles.

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    Groundbreaking technology allows artists to clean and preserve favorite brushes that are caked and clogged with dried acrylic or oil colors. You can use this unique brush cleaner and restorer to remove all traces of paint from both natural and synthetic brushes, leaving brush heads clean and conditioned, with no oily residue. Certified both AP non-toxic and biodegradable, this brush cleaner and restorer is completely safe for artists as well as for the environment. It is non-flammable, does not irritate skin or eyes, does not emit harmful vapors and is not an inhalation hazard.

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    Pour over acrylic paintings to achieve a high-gloss, lacquer-like finish. This one-step formula eliminates the need to mix harsh chemicals and flows into a self-leveling coat that will not yellow or bubble. Cures to a crystal clear, hard finish.

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    A fast-drying oil of darker color than refined linseed oil. In 75ml bottles.

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    Kids can color their faces in a non-toxic, safe way, with the ease of using a regular crayon. Perfect for school plays, holidays or to support a local sports team. Color can be easily washed off with warm and soapy water. This set contains one each of black, white, red, yellow, green and blue paint sticks. Recommended for ages 3-8.

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    Create spooktacular faces with the supplies in this Halloween themed face painting kit. The kit includes eight face paint colors including black, white, bright red, orange, dark green, dark brown, dark gray and purple. It also includes a face painting brush, a high density sponge and step-by-step instructions with face painting ideas. It contains enough color to create up to 50 faces.

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    • Includes 12 oil paint tubes (12ml)
    • Great color combination.
    • Very smooth texture and spreads evenly.
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    • Ideal for building paint layers or creating textured artworks
    • Dries to a hard, white finish
    • Acrylic or oil paint can be used over the top, or mix in acrylic paint for a pastel colour
    • Apply with a palette knife to build 3D effects and texture
    • Build depth by adding layers once paste is dry
    • Embed small objects into paste for extra effect
    • Wait approx. 30mins of drying time for every 5mm of product