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  • Gansai Tambi Watercolor Sets

    The 24-Color Set includes white, black, scarlet red, red, wine red, lemon yellow, light brown, brown, mid green, green, blue, deep blue, dark pink, purple, may green, ocean green, cornflower blue, cobalt blue, mid yellow, dark brown, pale aqua, olive green, turquoise green and evergreen.

  • PlaceholderMaries watercolor paint set Out of Stock
    • Marie’s high quality water color kit with 12 assorted colors, includes everything you need to begin your next project
    • Each paint included conform to ASTM D-4236 standards
    • Made with only the finest pigments in high concentration with the finest binder for flawless performance and to achieve brilliant and lightfast results
    • Lives up to professional standards while also making a wonderful introductory kit for newcomers
    • Colors include burnt sienna, green light, sap green, burnt umber, lamp black,  lemon yellow, vermillion, crimson red, violet, , prussian blue, chinese white,  and yellow ochre
  • KSh1,420
    • This set contains 36 brilliant, matte watercolors.
    • Perfect for artists, designers, students and crafters.
    • Each round tray boasts a generous amount of water soluble color formulated to dissolve easily in water.
    •  This set includes golden ochre, deep orange, light brown, deep red, fluorescent pink, deep violet, light blue, sap green, black, chrome yellow, vermilion, reddish brown, brilliant red, red purple, blue violet, sky blue, blue green, flesh, lemon yellow, orange, coffee, light rose red, rose red, light ultramarine, yellow green, Prussian blue, olive green, white, deep flesh, red, pale red flesh, purple, cobalt blue, viridian, blue and deep green.