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  • Acrylic Finishers Angelus Out of Stock

    Apply Acrylic Finisher to help protect the paint from minor scratches or scrapes. Available in a variety of finishes from matte to high gloss in both 1 oz. and 4 oz. bottles. Excellent for both hand-crafted work and high speed production. Just apply with a sponge, rag, wool, spray gun or brush and let dry. No buffing needed. This water-based product cleans up with soap and water. It is water-resistant and will not rub off, crack, peel or streak. Great when used over different finishes where a uniform finish is desired. Flexible enough for belts, shoes, handbags, saddlery, tack and upholstery.

  • Thinner
    • Low odour solvent
    • Non-hazardous and water-based
    • Ideal for cleaning oil paint brushes
    • Ideal for people who are sensitive to solvents or work in a shared space
    • Can be used to thin oil paints (exceeding 30% may affect drying time)
    • Low viscosity
    • Rinse with water
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    Low odour artists solvent for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes.

    Mineral spirit thinner for oil colors, mediums and varnishes. Suitable for all alkyd resins and dammar varnish.

    Excellent for cleaning brushes and tools. Especially recommended for odour-sensitive users.

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    Made of pure linseed oil, twice cooked, resin-free and non-toxic. May be used in conjunction with other diluents such as turpentine and white spirit. A refined linseed oil for improving gloss and transparency of oil colours. Metal container with child proof cap. 1000ml

  • KSh1,230

    BASICS Mediums are developed for students and artists that need dependable quality at an economical price. They are mixed with acrylic paint to adjust how the paint works, feels and looks. They can be used to add texture, adjust paint flow, and alter the working properties of the color.

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    Pour over acrylic paintings to achieve a high-gloss, lacquer-like finish. This one-step formula eliminates the need to mix harsh chemicals and flows into a self-leveling coat that will not yellow or bubble. Cures to a crystal clear, hard finish.

  • KSh2,150
    • high clarity as a finish for acrylic paintings or flexible painted surfaces.
    • permanent and highly durable for superior protection,
    • fluid viscosity for easy application.
    • Gloss varnish is water-resistant, flexible and non-yellowing when dry.
  • KSh1,200

    An ideal medium for fine detail work, drip effects, glazing and smoothly blending areas with no brush marks. This gloss finish medium is for use with oil and alkyd color and is quick drying and non-yellowing.

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    A durable non-yellowing medium for thinning the consistency of oil and alkyd paints. It speeds drying and is thinned with solvent or turpentine. Excellent for glazing and painting fine detail.

  • Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium, 8 oz Out of Stock

    This gloss gel medium has the same body and viscosity of tube color and may be used to add body to jar color. It extends the drying time of acrylic paints.

  • Modelling Paste Out of Stock
    • Ideal for building paint layers or creating textured artworks
    • Dries to a hard, white finish
    • Acrylic or oil paint can be used over the top, or mix in acrylic paint for a pastel colour
    • Apply with a palette knife to build 3D effects and texture
    • Build depth by adding layers once paste is dry
    • Embed small objects into paste for extra effect
    • Wait approx. 30mins of drying time for every 5mm of product
  • KSh1,400
    • enable paint to flow easily across a surface.
    • thins the paint to the ideal consistency for pouring, without sacrificing adhesive properties.
    • Its flexible film will not crack or craze.